Why we exist

We are passionate about people...

What they think,

How they feel,

Why they do what they do, and say what they say.

We are lucky enough to talk to people for a living.

We love designing, conducting and analyzing qualitative research.

We love helping clients answer complex business questions.

We are not afraid of getting messy in the process.

But most of all, we love having fun doing all this!


Research is fun. Or at least it should be, and it can be.


We love using in-person observation and online or mobile technologies to go deeper, and to keep research 'real.'


We blend innovative methods with traditional qualitative techniques, because a classic foundation often yields great results.


We finish every project with insightful, engaging debriefs and presentations that are custom-tailored for each client.


We would love to work with you.


So take a look, and then let's connect!


Creative research. Sensational results.